JORG Label.Finishing Pro.Cut2


The JORG Label.Finishing Pro.Cut2 is a flatbed web-fed finishing system in a robust and compact design which makes it ideally suited to the production of high-quality labels for medium-size print runs.

The system operates web to web, whereby two precision blades glide across a workstation over a flatbed vacuum table to cut out and strip the labels exactly in accordance with the register marks at a speed of up to 5 m/min. This means there is no longer any need to use expensive dies so that small and medium-size print runs can now be finished very economically.

All key functions of this machine are computer monitored and can be viewed on an operating console. A black mark sensor guarantees that label cutting starts at exactly the right place.


The drive system of the JORG Label.Finishing Pro.Cut2 is servo-controlled and a web guide sensor system is used to monitor the alignment of the substrate web. Any corrections that are required can easily be made via the operating menu.

An integrated cold laminating unit, a waste removal rewinder, a slitting unit with 4 cutters and two standard rewinders complete the high performance features of the JORG Label.Finishing Pro.Cut2.

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