JORG Label.Finishing Compact Line 380


The JORG Label.Finishing CL380 is a compact high-speed finishing system. The machine is suitable for the professional finishing of pre-printed labels or blank labels up to a speed of 160 m/min. The architecture of the machine consists of a single frame construction.

All stations are servo-controlled and permanently monitored by a micro-controlled PLC system.

A movable  7” Touchscreen Monitor allows easy control of all relevant machine data at a glance.

Even the basic version of the JORG Label.Finishing CL380 system with Unwinder, BST Web Guide, Rewinder, Flexo Printing Unit, servo-driven semi-rotary and fully rotary Die Cutting Unit with magnet


Optionally, the system may be provided with additional functions, such as water-cooled LED UV Drying, Laminating station

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