Large format prints, such as signs, cardboard boxes, panels or POS advertising, are indispensable in our everyday lives. Especially for short runs in rather complex screen printing is this no longer cost-efficient.

To cover these applications cost-efficiently, we developed the JORG DPS.2512 LED/UV. This is a high-speed and res UV-LED flatbed printer with a borderless printing area of ​​2.54 x 1.22 m.

The JORG DPS.2512 LED/UV is affordable and offers proven flatbed technology with outstanding features.

Air-cooled UV LED lamps reduce power consumption compared to conventional UV lamps, it operates with less heat, it doesn´t require warm-up, and has a life expectancy of several thousand operating hours.

The JORG DPS.2512 LED/UV is one of the fastest UV flatbed printers in its class. Depending on the productivity mode, it achieves a printing speed of up to 46 square meters per hour.

In direct printing, materials up to 10 cm thickness can be easily printed. The height adjustment is fully automatic. In addition, anti-crash sensors protect the printheads against any impact damage.

Optionally, the JORG DPS.2512 LED/UV can be equipped with a roll feed for a hybrid printer. This allowes the exchange between flexible and inflexible media.

Konica-Minolta printheads with high-res grayscale technology and due to variable droplet size enable the highest print quality in the fine image area and rich tones on homogeneous surfaces.

Four vacuum zones ensure optimally adjustable vacuum levels and the retractable stop pins ensure easy alignment of the materials used.

Depending on the configuration, the printhead is equipped with up to 8 differently controllable color channels. As a result, one-pass colors cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light magenta, light cyan, white and varnish can be printed.

The UV Varnish Printing Unit can be used for glossy and semi-gloss effects as well as relief-similar 3D printing. The Printing Unit for White is equipped with an Ink Circulation Station.