JORG Blanket Cutting Service | We plot varnish blankets and plates ready to use according to your needs

Every print shop can enhance its product range by offering inline finishing. With this additional offer, the opportunity is created to set itself apart from its competitors. Partial gloss, matt, UV, disperse or metallic coatings can be used to achieve high-quality effects.

However, every print shop with inline coating is also aware of this issue: The blanket as a means of transferring the appropriate coating application to the printed image must be spared. For decades, this work has been done by the skilled craftsmen in the printing industry. However, nowadays is this approach too time-consuming and costly and therefore no longer economical.

The JORG team, known for many years as an innovator and problem solver, has developed an interesting solution for this application. Using the JORG digital cutting table, we can quickly and cost-effectively create the blanket to serve your specific needs. The depth of cut is precisely defined and matched to the material. This prevents the carrier material from being damaged.

Due to the precise digital cuts you get the assurance that each blanket is cut out to match the printing form and that you can gain free printing capacity by reducing the set-up time of your press. 

We are happy to consult you without obligation regarding the required data and requirements for your pre-press department.

We look forward to your call!