JORG Treatment Center | We treat your digital printing papers on time and professionally

All digital printing companies already have the same problem:

The customer desires a special substrate, and you as a service provider would like to fulfill the wishes and needs of your customers. Simply ordering and testing a substrate is the usual approach. If the substrate can be printed, you have reach your goal. The problem has been solved and the customer´s needs have been satisfied.

However, if the substrate cannot be printed, the JORG team is there to help you professionally.

Starting at the mid of 2019, we will be offering a certified priming service for the sheetfed digital printing and presumably starting at the end of 2019 we shall be offering this service for web digital printing.

We take care of the coating, quality management and final inspection in the area of ​​priming, and ensure that the material you have supplied is primed to the highest standards for your digital printing system and delivered on time. The material coated by our service, will be packed according to your wishes, transported and delivered safely to its destination.

In addition, we offer counsel prior to ordering to ensure that the materials applied are specifically matched to your digital printing system. After ordering and delivery, we look forward to receiving your feedback and the opportunity to improve our service even further.

Arrange a consultation today and let us know which digital printing system you are using and which materials in which quantity you need.

We are looking forward to your feedback!