We have specialized in cleaning with dry ice blasting - dry, fast and gentle

One of the most effective cleaning methods for cleaning industrial machines is the dry ice blasting process. It is ideal for surfaces that are very dirty. It is deep-frozen CO2 - a very gentle and economical cleaning agent for numerous areas of application.

With us, expensive business interruptions are a thing of the past. Cleaning with dry ice works on a simple and innovative principle. Compressed air is used for dry ice blasting. Smallest ice particles are increased to the speed of sound, the contaminated materials are irradiated and cleaned immediately. When blasting with dry ice, no water and no moisture is formed. None of the components is damaged or contaminated by the solid blasting material. This means that even sensitive materials benefit from dry ice blasting.


Choose us as your specialist company for dry ice blasting.

With us you have the right partner at your side when it comes to industrial machine cleaning. We take over the necessary cleaning work by ice blasting on your machines and systems at a fair price-performance ratio. Our mobile device is equipped with different blasting guns by our employees depending on the application and circumstances.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to make you an offer.