JORG ILP.330 Inline Priming Unit

Not every substrate is suitable for printing in an HP Indigo web presses. Nevertheless, or maybe just because of that, the creative people want exactly those substrates in order to achieve a specific advertising purpose. 

In this case, the substrates can be made printable with a specific treatment. Depending on the type of material, the surface is treated using corona treatment in such a way that sufficient ink adhesion in digital printing is ensured. 

The JORG ILP.330 Inline Priming Unit is the ideal complement to handle the web substrates (paper, paperboard, PE, PET etc.) in the ongoing printing process. 

For the optional corona treatment, the system from Vetaphone A/S is used, which is one of the leading manufacturers of corona and plasma solutions. As a treatment solution, all usual treatment solutions can be used. For example, Michelman Digiprime or Emicote 2/3. 

The integration, training, production support and after-sales service are provided by trained JORG Technicians. 

If the press should be replaced, for example, from an HP Indigo ws4500 to an HP Indigo 6800, the JORG ILP.330 Inline Priming Unit can be easily integrated into the new system.

In addition to saving time, other benefits include cost savings of up to € 0.30 per m², just-in-time production, 100% quality guarantee through in-house control, no machine downtime due to missing substrates, and modular integration into existing print process workflows. 

The JORG ILP.330 Inline Priming Unit can be easily connected between the unwinder and the main unit (printing unit) of an HP Indigo ws4xxx and 6xxx web press.

The unit operates under microprocessor control, can be monitored by Control Panel and works completely independently of the control of the HP Indigo press.

The JORG ILP.330 Inline Priming Unit complies with all safety-relevant regulations, consists of high-quality components and is manufactured in the European Union.

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