JORG DCS.3 | High-End Digital Cutting System

Do you want to cut cardboard, corrugated paper, twin-wall sheets, composites, acrylic sheets, rubber sheets, foam materials, foils or leather? Then the JORG DCS.3 is the ideal tool for your production.

The JORG DCS.3 is a high-precision multifunctional CAD/CAM cutter of the latest generation and is suitable for cutting all non-metallic, rigid or flexible materials.

It quickly and affordably produces small to medium production runs for advertising and packing technology, such as individual cartons with foam inserts, displays, stickers, foil cuts, acrylic cuts, heavy sheeting such as truck tarpaulins, Dibond cuts and much more.


Tools available include, among others, Universal Cutting Tool, Electric Oscillating Tool, Pneumatic Oscillating Tool, Kiss Cut Tool, V-Cut Tool, Pen Tool, Creasing Tool, Camera Registration Tool and a CNC Router Tool for cutting acrylic sheets, including an extraction system for the cutting or milling dust.

An integrated vacuum system on the cutting bench ensures that the material fits flat on the cutter, does not move and can therefore be cut accurately according to the registration marks.

The camera registration tool, which is mounted onto the EasyChange MultiTool head, monitors the material to be cut to ensure that it is positioned exactly in accordance with the registration marks.


The JORG DCS.3 is available in a variety of working widths and consists of a flatbed workbench on which an x/y coordinate system is mounted to accept the EasyChange MultiTool head.

The working path of the EasyChange MultiTool is generated by the superimposed movements of the X and Y axis.

The EasyChange MultiTool head can hold and control up to 3 tools simultaneously. A variety of tools suitable for a range of different applications are available for the MultiTool tool holder. The choice of tools depends on the material used and the cuttings stages which are necessary.


An optical component automatically scans the registration marks, determines the required correction values for alignment and warpage and passes this data on to the appropriate tool.

An optional conveyor belt integrated into the flatbed workbench guarantees continuous loading of material and thereby enables automatic workflow, increasing productivity.

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